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The Actor's Showreel: your questions answered


The dreaded showreel: how to conquer this sneaky beast

You’ve plucked up the courage to fire off that email, you’ve worked on your cover letter etiquette, you’ve networked and hustled, you worked on the skill of headshots and bam!


So you wait, refreshing that page; praying for a reply.

Weeks pass… What has gone wrong?

Then… Success! A reply!

All your hard work is paying off. But… They want to see your showreel.

You don’t have a showreel….dang it!

If the above situation sounds familiar (and we speak from experience), then fret no more. Whether you have a showreel or not, the fact remains that it is one of the least understood tools available to an actor.

Consider the following questions and if you find yourself confused or lost, then consider getting in touch to begin your journey to the life of a professional actor!

  • Have you considered your U.S.P. as an actor?

  • Have you tailored your showreel to your brand as an actor?

  • How did your research prior to filming affect your decisions on choosing a project?

  • Does your showreel support your decisions on your headshots?

  • What decisions did you make on structuring your showreel? More importantly, how did you make these decisions?

These questions (and much more) are not intended to frighten you, if they do, that’s ok. The industry you want to be a part of is a confusing and malleable beast. The “rules” change from day to day and often we find ourselves stranded in a sea of indecision, not knowing how to proceed.

It is 100% possible to have an extraordinary showreel, you just have to ask the right questions.

Interested in the concepts above? Curious as to how this can change your direction in the industry and help you move onto better projects, better paid projects? Do you truly want to be a professional actor? In name and practice?

Then get in touch:

We’re always here to help.

In an industry where most keep their secrets close to their chest, we openly share.

Drop us a line and let’s chat about how to change your life.

Tom Moriarty, BOX Revolution Co-Director, Creative & Motivational Coach #BOXREV

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