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Where it all Began:


From humble beginnings in Glasgow, Scotland, Box Rev has grown from teaching local Actors and Performers to Training and Coaching Creatives and Artists globally in Film, Stage and Screen. From Beginners to Bafta Winners, Box Rev actors have appeared in productions on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, BBC, ITV, Film Four and Amazon Prime as well as various Cinematic and Stage Productions. 

A multi award winning creative team, Co-Directors' Tom and Sarah-Beth (SB) are experienced performers, writers and directors and bring this industry experience to their coaching systems. The techniques used by Box Rev have been inspired by many of the greatly established techniques from over the last century and have been continuously re-crafted, challenged and developed to accommodate the constant changes of the industry so you get the most up-to-date, relevant and practical training. We love to learn and as such are also active in key parts of the industry such as production and casting. 

Meet The Team


Tom Moriarty

Co-Director, Head Coach of Acting & Industry Skills

Howdy folks. Tom Moriarty here, pleasure to meet you!

BOX Rev. is a huge part of what I do in the industry. I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of actors throughout the years, hopefully I will also get the chance to meet you.

My experience and history are long and winding. From a professional Magician in my youth, to a Coach, Manager & Agent in my current career: there is little I don't have experience of.

I try to live what I teach. Respect, Loyalty and Commitment to the craft and art-forms within our industry.

Success is a Choice, right?

Hopefully we can kickstart that choice and get you moving towards the life you've dreamed of.


Sarah-Beth Brown

Co-Creative Director, Head Coach of Acting, Voice & Accents

Hello everybody, Coach SB here or Sarah/ Sarah-Beth is perfectly fine. 

Working with Box Rev not only lets me put my experience and knowledge to use of both what works and what hasn't, it also challenges me everyday to continue to learn and grow as a professional and as a person. 

From an initial background in music and songwriting, I knew performing was in my blood and have been actively performing for most of my life. I have been fortunate enough to have performed internationally in stage, film, tv and radio. Currently I am focusing on further developing my skills as a director. 


Starting out as a performance platform, over the last decade we have been creating Box Rev into the multi-discipline company it is today and it's great to see our work benefit so many creatives. 

I feel privileged to have known, worked with and supported so many greatly skilled artists and wonderful human beings in my life and career. 

In my opinion, everything comes down to a balance between 2 things: Desire vs Reality. The best part is that you already have the power to influence both :)


Mick Cullen

Head Coach of Beginner Branding and Student Development

Coach Mick is an actor who is a Box original, having been with the company from the very beginning. Having started with the company as a client before graduating to coach. Mick has experienced all the madness this crazy industry can throw at you and still wakes up with a smile on his face.

Mick has performed extensively all over Scotland in various independent theatre productions and on top of this he also has a background in health & fitness. He used this to go through a body transformation when he played the lead role of World Champion cyclist Marco Pantani in A Play, Pie and a Pints revival of Pantani: The Pirate which received positive reviews by critics. He is also a huge advocate of promoting positive mental health through exercise.

Outside of theatre Mick has starred in a number of short films and independent Scottish television and most recently played beleaguered Assistant Manager Darren in Scots sitcom Forks which is currently on Amazon Prime.

Bringing his own unique style and humour to his coaching, Mick specializes in helping beginners and graduates make the leap from studying into the world of professional work. Focusing mainly on branding, headshots and networking he aims to demystify the journey of becoming professional in a safe, supportive environment where we champion successes don’t believe in failures. Only learning from our missteps to become better than we were yesterday. 

We work with you to help you gain success in the life you want.

What form that takes is down to you.


Vanessa Giuliani

Development and Operations Manager

Acting is my passion!


Having been in many productions myself on both stage and screen over the past 10 years, including Box Rev’s ‘Once Upon a Christmas Wish’, I love to see other actors succeed and thrive.


Working with Box I have the opportunity to lend a hand in that process as the Company Development and Operations Manager.


Nadine Walsh

Social Media Manager

Hi Guys! Nadine here, a little about me…


Having worked with Box Rev for the past 2 years, firstly as a client and now as part of the team, I am constantly learning and experiencing each side of the industry both acting and business.


Although I am new(ish) to the Social Media Manager role, I feel like I have been with the Box family for a long time. As I love to be creative, the role allows me to create content, develop ideas and have an input towards fun new ways of bringing performers together!


Also having the opportunity to create and drive Box’s new project coming very soon with my co-host! Having found my love for acting from an early age, I have mostly been involved in plays and various projects through college and uni.


Currently finishing my last year of uni in Performance, next year I will be focusing on my career in TV/Film, and work closely with Box developing skills in production as well as social media.

 Box Rev offer Training, Coaching, Management and Production Services for the Creative Arts

COACHING - We work intensely 1on1s and Group Classes, working with clients for high end auditions, self tapes, professional branding and performance up-skilling of all areas of your creative skills and talents. We also offer workshops so keep an eye out on our social media and If you're interested please get in touch.


COMPLIMENTARY TRAINING - By invitation only we invite current/ new graduates and early professionals to come train with us in select programmes that prepares them with the necessary toolkit, skills and attitude to carve out a successful career in film, theatre, tv and all varied disciplines within the creative arts. 


Box Rev Productions, our production company, has produced International Award-winning films such as "Con Men" and "A Sorry Story" as well as multiple theatre productions from Fringe festivals to established theatres.

See Past Productions here. 

Through creating their own work, Box Rev have a long experience in script writing and development as well as a variety of other creative industry areas. (Recipients of Tom McGrath Writing fund) 

Box Rev also have a vast experience in 360 degree productions and project management for Neurodiverse, hard of hearing and Neurotypical and ASN  audiences ("Once upon a Christmas Wish", Deaf Connections 2018 Commission,  "Who Kidnapped Cupid" and "Nina and Friends Easter Adventure").         


What's in Store:

Those who have trained with Box Rev from the beginning are now exclusively represented and are lucratively working with some of the globe’s top talent. We can't wait to see our Box Rev family continue to grow and find more  opportunities and success. We say family because we care, inspire and support one another. 


We also have, Moriarty Management, Box Rev's sister company, which is a registered talent agent and currently boasts a varied roster of merging and established artists on their books.  This company is young and fresh but is already making waves. 

Final Thought:

Perhaps most importantly Box Rev is a family of creatives.

Tom & SB and the team do not claim their client's success, instead, simply celebrate them. 

They are proud to call these artists friends and truly celebrate in being a small part of their journey.

Thanks for reading and see you soon, 

                                                              Box Rev xxx

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