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Hello, and welcome to BOX Rev

We are so very glad to meet you!



  • Are you feeling a little unsure, about your place in the industry?

  • About how to move forward now that you’re graduation/showcase has been cancelled? Do you simply want to know what you’re supposed to be doing to have a working career?

  Out of curiosity or motivation, what lies before you is an opportunity to use your time, to

  work the business of acting and all that it entails.


Over the past few years, BOX Rev has worked with multiple Creative and Cultural Arts Colleges & Universities across Scotland. As a result, we have cultivated and created a style of training uniquely suited to those finishing their training from an academic institution.


The training offered by BOX Rev covers all aspects of the industry, namely the business of being an actor and how to build a long term, sustainable career as a professional and creative.

Welcome to what could be the very thing you are looking for as an emerging actor

What does our TRAINING cover?


How to begin those important first steps, making inroads in your professional career. Focus on concise marketability, decide confidently on your brand & learn applicable communication techniques for your chosen area of the professional industry.

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Demystifying & working: HEADSHOTS

Feel Confident in front of the camera and get the best shots of you. You will discover the methodologies of using the frame, establishing character, creating and utilizing emotional truths, how to research photographers & prep for the sessions.

Reel Filming

How to understand & apply the true power of the demo-reel. Successfully explore how to edit your footage, choose the most sell-able aspects and empowering through action.

The CV: How to work the Top Third Theory and design & style for effective use in the industry.


The Love Bomb - A revolutionary technique that allows you to steadily build your network of impressive, working professionals. Master techniques on working “In-Room” audition networking, the all-important “Close” & answer:

how do you translate all this into a job?

agents and cds

How to

  • research and decide on the right agent for you

  • Confidently action what matters and works for you

How to find the projects and Casting Directors that are in line with your career goals and aspirations. And so, so much more.

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BOX Rev are one of the few crews working the business techniques of the industry. Our actors are working professionals, some at the beginning of their careers, others well on their way to high paying jobs and notoriety. Curious as to what happens next?


Well, if you have come through The Stage, there is a no strings attached, free Zoom session with Tom Moriarty or Sarah-Beth

waiting for you. This will allow you to decide if BOX Rev is the place for you. It will allow us both to decide if we are

compatible and more than that, you’ll get to see what we’re about and if we are the next stage of your personal and professional development.


What have you got to lose?         

Email or message us on                                 and let’s get you moving on them dreams of being an actor.


FYI: Below are the training opportunities and prices, with nothing hidden.

Single Session


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