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BOX Blog Sessions: Inspiration from Paul Comrie, with Tom Moriarty

I am blessed to live the life I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I have fought tooth and nail to get where I am. The struggle has been immense at times yet here we are, we have prevailed.

All of us.

Still, one can appreciate the beauty of any given moment whilst appreciating their past and lately I find myself obsessed with art, with finding the true source of inspiration in our work.

Paul Comrie is an actor who is similarity exploring the organic and selfless energy of acting. In fact, I would go as far as to say it has reinvigorated his passion for acting, perhaps even life itself.

I digress.

Recently, Paul and I have found our sessions to be bubbles of existential enquiry, solitary hours of probing and exciting questions. We tend to find ourselves unknowingly on our feet, energy flowing through us as we dig to the core of what it means to act.

We then try to harness said energy and infuse it with our moment to moment work.

I gotta say, it’s fucking thrilling and it’s something I want all of you to experience as your journey through the industry & life unfolds.

The true power of losing self-consciousness is that it allows those surrounding us to witness something real, something that isn’t encumbered by societal expectations or self-imposed restrictions. A pure, undiluted moment of…something.

It is this “something” that now directs my growth as a creative and as a coach.

As Paul said in last week’s Guest Blog Session, serving something other than ourselves is the key to retaining happiness (and sanity) in this industry. Perhaps our purpose then is to serve the art form of Storytelling, through whatever medium speaks to you the most.

At times, I think I can almost see the curtain that separates us from the truth of our existence.

I believe that acting, true acting, is the key to finally seeing behind that velvet wall.

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