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Picking a Monologue and Sourcing Materials for Performance

So you've been asked to source some Material!

We've all been there. Either you have an upcoming audition or assignment or maybe you just wanna keep your skills fresh but whatever the reason, the time has come for you to search the globe for that elusive monologue.

Perhaps one of the most asked questions is where do we look for a monologue.

As part of our New Year, Now You! 7 Days of Success Challenge for Creatives we have this blog with details on what to look for and where to find you next monologue. Best of luck!


  1. Try to find a balance between the overused yet popular monologue and the unknown or underused monologue. If it's popular that's usually 'cos it's well written and it works whereas a more unfamiliar or unpublished text may be new or not very well written.

  2. Knowledge is power and sometimes we just have to graft! Read plays, read reviews, and start building your own database

  3. Published work and work from respected and valued sources speaks volumes. Always go for quality

  4. Choose a Monologue you like! Seems obvious but think deeper. It helps when you love the character, writing or theme and can find connection. Can you connect with the character/ scenario/ the language or vernacular used/ the time period etc.

  5. Avoid the obvious choice where possible. You don't want to be the 18th "Romeo" or "Juliet" of the day after all.

  6. Don't be afraid to tackle Comedic monologues. We all wanna hit the big drama but think of your strengths and play to them. Experiment with TV and Film monologues for variety but remember Theatre Plays are usually the trusted source for most auditions.

  7. The ideal monologue should show variety, cover a range of emotions as well as highlight your strengths as a performer and play to your knowledge and experience.

Here are some websites to start which might suit best for the 7 Days of Success Challenge

And here are further resources:


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