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Guest Blog Sessions: The Entrepreneur & The Actor, with Martyn Scullion

This week, our Guest Blog Session is hosted by none other than Martyn Scullion.

Over the last fifteen months I have worked 1-on-1 with Martyn and his development has been astounding. Originally focusing on his brand as an actor, he has now turned his attentions elsewhere utilising one sound piece of industry truth: unless you can take care of yourself, you can’t chase your dreams.

Thus, I present to you a beautifully written blog that may speak to you on a whole new level.

I’m proud to call Martyn an artist, a colleague and a friend.

I have absolutely no doubt that in years to come his name will rise.

ACTOR BRAND INSIGHT: 12+ months experience at Local Brand level. Branded headshots completed Spotlight application successful Footage on Spotlight (Branded) Currently focusing on Entrepreneurial pursuits, self-educating and laying foundation for a million pound career in the future.

Any one who sticks around this industry long enough will be presented with constant challenges and opportunities. There is no guide or text book way of this unravelling. Everyone's journey will be completely different. Everyone's perception is different.

As stated in the previous blog, once you have the correct tools and knowledge such as your branding down and are aware of your range and limits within your OWN personal brand. Nothing should stop you in this industry, No audition, no part big or small should stand in your way. Unless... You simply don't have the time. Now i do not mean you can't seize an opportunity because you had something important to do in your personal life, which is completely understandable. We all have things that can get in the way of our goals.

But where is the balance between working a full-time job and perusing The A and B levels of acting. The answer is... You can't.

For me personally i have been working 5 year and nearly 4 year in acting. Any gateway opening to deeper and better roles in acting are blocked by my time that i have to dedicate to the full time job. If your one of the lucky 1% that makes such a smooth transition to full time working to full time acting. Please let me know your secret.

This leaves me with few options. Leave work and just go to acting with the risk of being broke and losing a great job. Or find another way to make money and giving me the time to peruse any acting opportunity.

From that small and wise decision it led me in the path to becoming an Entrepreneur, the art of making money through small businesses and generating completely passive income.

I now run multiple small online business's such as Bulk Selling and buying, Affiliate marketing and Crypto currency exchanging and are looking into property in the near future. I am generating a small income every month. And the beauty is it keeps on expanding as much knowledge increases. One day it should be enough or hopefully exceed my expectations and allow me to leave my job comfortably.

Hopefully this can help anyone who was in my situation. There is always another way, you just have to think outside the bubble that your trapped in and your may accidentally find something that your fall in love or never had planned in your entire life.

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