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BOX Blog Sessions: The Showreel, with Tom Moriarty

Over my years in the business of coaching (which is a term I still haven’t settled on), I have spoken to literally thousands of actors.

That in itself is something that continually blows my mind.

Mind explosions aside, one of the most prominent topics of discussion amongst actors is The Showreel.

Namely the belief that before any true progress can be made in one’s career, one must have a shit hot showreel.

I understand the logic behind this, in fact, at the beginning of my career I attempted to craft a career using this very methodology. In truth, it is merely an excuse we ALL use to deflect the fear that resides deep within us.

The fear of failure, or, the all encompassing fear of success.

I digress.

If we squirrel deep within the thought processes that underpin showreels and their place in the industry then we soon start to uncover the truth that no-one seems to really talk about.

Showreel aren’t really that important.

That might sound a tad like heresy but I would hope those of you reading are nodding their heads, agreeing that perhaps we’ve been misled all along.

SO: This blog’s aim is to get your mind working on the applications and almost philosophical leanings of The Showreel.

I want you to as yourself the following questions and get an internal dialogue going. Please do not rest your dreams and career hopes on the whims of someone else’s advice. Make your own decisions and adjust as you garner new information.

  • What is a Showreel’s primary purpose?

  • How do you test the strength of your current footage?

  • What character ratio should you apply in your Branded Edit?

  • How do you sell your showreel and to whom?

These questions and more are the burgeoning structures of my work on showreels this year.

It is a very exciting time as I feel this entire product is due for reinventing.

Have a great day GFi’rs and get those brains working!


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