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Guest Blog Sessions: First Steps, with Aidan Anthony Capaldi

As part of our ongoing reboot with GFi and BOX Rev, I'm proud to introduce the first of our Guest Blog Sessions.

The inaugural post goes to Aidan Anthony Capaldi.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Aidan for nigh on 15 months now. Each and every week he has come to the office or the flat and chipped away at his career.

From humble self awareness to confidence and insight, I'm proud to read his thoughts on the burgeoning of one's career. He has taken the core philosophy of empowerment and adapted it to the career HE wants to carve out.

Nothing is more important than self determination. It is the key to happiness and life itself I think.

I know Aidan will agree with me when I say he is at the beginning of his career. He appreciates the struggle ahead because he knows that it is that very struggle that will define him.

As part of The Guest Blog Sessions, I wanted those at the beginning of their journey to have some form of a yard stick. A way to internally measure the journey ahead.

So, in a fashion of testing a Beta version of this, I introduce : Aidan Capaldi, Thoughts on Year 1 of Branding and making our own choices.


12+ months experience at Local Brand level. Branded headshots completed Spotlight application successful Footage on Spotlight (Unbranded)

Currently on International Brand, aiming at Casting Directors within selected character types.

Hello everyone, I’m Aidan Capaldi and I’ve been asked by tom to write a blog so I decided to talk about the one thing everyone thinks and that is Whats going to come in the first year once you’ve decided ‘thats it I’m going to be an actor’ well the harsh truth is pretty much nothing, for the most of us anyway, but there are a few things you can do to be ready for when your moment calls.

First get your brand decided it will help you to focus on the projects that will truly show your acting chops and also just build your love for performing, next get those headshots perfected this just builds off the brands you’ve decided on for yourself and shows to everyone you are a serious actor.

Now one of the most important things when it comes to stepping out into the world of acting is where do you want to go? Is your dream to win an academy award? Star in west end shows or just to have a recurring role on a soap? All the energy in the world isn’t going to help if you are chasing roles that don’t take you towards your main goal. Once you know where you’re aiming for it makes it easier for you to decide on a path to get there.

Finally and this seems fairly obvious but surround yourself with like minded people this is a tough business but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. In the case of everyone in GFI we are lucky to have others we can talk to and learn from never take that for granted.

Hope this has given some insight on at least a starting point for those at the beginning of their journey and maybe causes a few of those a bit further on to take a look over all they have managed. Have a good week everyone!

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