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BOX Blog Sessions: Who do you want to be?, with Tom Moriarty

Within an industry that is consumed by external appearance, it can be so very easy to lose our sense of self.

We are continually bombarded by images and content that seem intent on moulding us into a predetermined societal paradigm and as a result, we fall deeper into a mire of confusion and misunderstanding of the self.

What am I shite-ing on about here?

I’m talking about first of all, deciding who you are as a person.

The creativity can come second.

  • What are you situational principles?

  • How do you define the self and the world in which you live?

  • How do you grow as a person and an artist, keeping common sense in check?

I ask these questions because over the last decade, I have witnessed the rise of many a talented and amazing people. I’ve been blessed to have outstanding and extraordinary artists as friends and as I do, I have studied them and their ascent through the industry ranks.

What I have learned is this: rules are meant to be broken and with true confidence of self comes opportunity.


It’s supposed to be.

Nothing about this game is easy and maintaining our integrity is vital is we hope to carve out successful careers.

If you want to know more, hit me up for a philosophical and existential discussion on the merits of situational principles. It’s a new concept I’m developing which will ultimately lead to a stronger sense of self.

Until next time you sexy beasts.


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