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BOX Blog Sessions: The Headshot, with Tom Moriarty

What is a headshot?

This may seem like an obvious question but if you take a moment and truly ponder it, then I think you will realise that it is not that easy to define.

I ask this question for a reason.

In our industry, it is so easy to get caught up in what to do. You will get well meaning advice such as be natural or other such empty phrases. You may be told to wear all black: to let the character emerge or you may be altogether led down a path that simply obfuscates the future you dream of.

I ask this question because before one can get to character & emotional work in their shots, they must first have a personal definition of what exactly a headshot is.

Does that make sense?

Simply put, we can’t decide WHAT we are in our shots until we have made a decision as to WHY we are getting the shots in the first place.

My aim today is to get you all thinking about the underlying philosophy of headshots. Let’s get the ball rolling shall we?

Headshots are about showing what you really look like? Headshots are a conduit between the artists and those making the decisions? Headshots are an outdated form of business? Headshots are your product and the core of who you are?

These are starting points for a discussion that our industry sorely needs.

We currently operate in a system where the photographer is the one making the decisions. I don’t have to spell out why that is a bad thing.

For those of you who work with me intensively, I know your minds will go straight to branding. And this is a good thing. However, let me hear your thoughts on all this regardless, even if we all end up repeating the same things.

A happy Monday to you all, truly.

Let’s make this week a strong one where we openly face our fears and say fuck it, and do it regardless.


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