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You know some day's it's okay to just be sad.

I have spoken to a lot of friends and clients in the last few weeks and so many have been suffering one way or another. Some situations could be seen as worse than others but to the person experiencing them there’s no comparison to the pain felt.

I have had a really good week. A lot of positive things happening. But life is all about balance and with that some sadness too. Life isn’t perfect and can be unfair.

I was watching TED Talks X and just letting 1 video run onto another to just fill my attention with inspiration and perspective. Watching Amy Morin’s talk and it distracted me from staring at some social media. Her story was heartbreaking and the strength with which she stands up re-telling and therefore reliving her pain was amazing. She had lost a lot of loved ones and had suffered a lot from a young age. I was stunned. This poor woman, how could I ever imagine what she’d been through. It was at this point that I realized I had been through my own journey and while I had not forgotten the loved ones I’ve lost, I don’t think of them as lost anymore. I think about them a lot and they are in my thoughts. Some were so long ago now that the pain is balanced with healing, some not so much.

But we have 2 choices. Stay still or move forward. Life is always moving on and we are best to move with it. Some days moving can be the most daunting thing in the world, Today was that day for me. I couldn’t face it. I have no real reason to be unhappy and I enjoy my life, friends and family and work. But I felt an overwhelming sadness and loss when I woke today.

I knew I had SSOOOOO much to do and this pressure made me feel like hiding more. So I decided to not do it all. But instead do 1 thing. Take 1 step. Writing this was the start. I then found I was replying to people about work and generally just moving on with things. The 1st step is the hardest. but then it gets easier. So rather than worrying about all these things I just needed to do 1 thing and the rest took care of itself.

If you’re struggling today, or any day, then know that it’s okay to feel how you do. There’s no quick fix to feel better. But don’t think and do 1 thing. It doesn’t have to be on your task list. It can watching a TED Talk or making some lunch or going for a walk or even taking a long shower. And celebrate that 1 thing. 1 step forward is still moving forward and makes it so much easier to take another.

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