BOX Revolution Productions write, produce and create thier own work as well as many collaberations with others.

Below is just a few of our successes in the last few years.     Join the Revolution!



Performed at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015, at theSpace on the MIle, High St, Edinburgh.

Detached takes a raw look at human connection through Lucy's brutal dissection of three failed relationships. BOXRevolution returns to the Festival Fringe.


Con Men

Written and directed by R. Paul Wilson 

Shot in and around Glasgow for next to nothing, Con Men stars Atta Yaqub, star of Ken Loach’s hit movie Ae Fond Kiss, as well as up-and-coming actors Paul Comrie and Tom Moriarty who took the leading roles.He also recruited charity fundraiser and Celtic WAG Lisa Hague, who has a small part as a club hostess. Sarah-Beth Brown has a small part as Sherry the Chip Girl. 


Con Men was produced by Con Cam Productions (Lauren Lamarr, Stuart Cadenhead and R. Paul Wilson) and Tom Moriarty and Sarah-Beth Brown of BOX Revolution.





True happiness doesn't come easily in life. But we can all strive to be something like happy


Written and starring Sarah-Beth Brown this predominantly silent short film looks at one woman's simple day as she encounters happiness and it's foe in the everday all around her. 

A BOX Revolution and Indie Theory Production film

Photography by Robbie McFadzean

Camera Assistant Connnor Wilson and Sam Stoyle

DOP Allan Raffel

Produced by Sarah-Beth Brown, Tom Moriarty and Shannon Lavery 

Director Tom Moriarty

Starring: Sarah-Beth Brown, Leisl Brown, Martin Kelly, Sam Stoyle, Helen McNair, Eilidh Nurse, Shannon Lavery, Connor Wilson, Tom Moriarty, Sani Mahmood, David Sheridan, Melissa Morrison, Mark Hobkirk, Kai Hobkirk and Murphy.



Written and directed by Andy Stewart.


A young woman who’s repeatedly late for work oversleeps only to find herself covered in bruises when she awakes. Experiencing terrible vivid nightmares, she fears for her sanity as her life seemingly slips away from her control.


Director Andy Stewart is back with short film REMNANT that oozes the same body horror styling we’ve previously seen in Dysmorphia, Split and Ink. This particular outing may lack the red stuff and body infliction we’ve seen in his other works, but REMNANT still manages to use the body as a tool for both telling the story and freaking viewers, like myself, out.




Performed at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow 2014

with sell-out performances.

A story that looks closely on the issues of mental health and addiction, wrapped in a world that may or may not be real. Julia has lost almost everything, now comes her fight to regain any sense of life and happiness.


Starring: Sarah-Beth Brown, Sam Stoyle and Barry Hunter




1 is alone.


Then 1 meets 2.


Wherever they are - this isn't a place for staying but a place for passing …



Starring: Allan Raffel and Sam Stoyle

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Poisoned is the only show of BOX's that has performed in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. It ran in The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow and shortly after in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014.


Two people trapped in a room with only one door. To survive the fate waiting them outside, Brenda and Adam must make the ultimate sacrifice...



Starring: Savanna Madden, Sarah-Beth Brown, John Cooke, Stuart Smith, Tharan Sivapatham, Craig Brown




Waiting for Change was written specifically for the NTS 5 Minute Theatre Show in 2014 and performed at The Citizen's Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland.


An Irish man and a Scottish man sit in a cafe, waiting to do an important job. While they wait, they discuss the future of Scotland post referendum. 


Alex Salmond's fate lies in the hands of these two men.


Starring: Sarah-Beth Brown, Ludovica Rizza, Tom Moriarty