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New Year, Now You!

7 Days of Success Challenge for Creatives

Hello and Welcome!

As a little thank you to all our clients and as a wee gift to all the creatives out there that have had a trying time during the last year of Lockdowns, we at Box Rev are bringing to you a FREE 7 Days of Success Challenge for Creatives. 


Simply Join the event on Facebook by clicking here. 

This challenge will last 7 days form the 18th January 2021 and is open to everyone willing to jump in and give it a go. 

There's no catch, you simply join the event and will be added to the group and participate in each of the daily activities. Each task can be as easy or as difficult as you want and it's up to you but we know you will have lots to take away. If you want MORE then book in for Block 1 below starting the 3rd of Feb. 

Best of luck and see you in the Challenge! x

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

New Year,

NOW You!

Select Packages for you to make 2021 YOUR YEAR and


Box Rev Present to you 3 Fresh and Fun Professional Training Packages for a New Wave of Actors looking to own their careers in 2021. 

Box Rev have been professionally coaching for over a decade and Tom, Sarah-Beth and the Team are consistently active in the Creative Arts Industry to ensure they bring you the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge for you to learn quickly and better yet, put into action! 


Box Rev help actors :

  • Confidently Network within the industry

  •  Build Contacts and Opportunities 

  • Source and Create Work 

  • Have a fully developed and industry ready professional brand 

  • Maintain a healthy, strong and focused mindset

  • Be fully equipped with audition ready skill-sets and techniques 

You know what you want so let us help you know what to do to get it!


NYNY Complete Industry Package

Introducing a very exciting product, BOX Rev presents their New Year, Now YOU: Networking Package. Within lie the secrets, tips and techniques that will allow you to start building the career you want. 



NYNY Ultimate Shots Package 

Struggling to find that unique christmas present for the actor in your family? Want to give them something meaningful and important to their career?

Then perhaps the Ultimate Shots Package is the thing you’re looking for.



NYNY Positive UpSkill Package

Expand and Complete your Actor's Toolkit of Upskilling your acting techniques, your Voice and Accent work and Professional Mindset all in a healthy and positive way. 

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