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Just Breathe

May 16, 2017

"Just Breathe"

A complex coming of age story dealing with grief, bullying in all aspects of life and the search for hope in a teenager's life. Jack must make a decision about his future and the days are counting down as the race of his life draws near. 

Currently in mid-production this independent short film is shaping up nicely with a professional, hardworking cast and crew. "Just Breathe" aims to be shot by the end of summer 2017 to be released Autumn 2017. 

Written by David Sheridan and directed by Tom Moriarty


June 19, 2017


Naked men, drugs, crusties, shit, poo, cross dressing and witchery. Twenty minutes of fun and nonsense touching on real aspects of society’s sub cultures, absurd but rooted in truth. Taking place at a music festival in Scotland. Sophie, a middle class Scottish Lawyer, Jake, a working class Scottish traveller, Jo, a hippy scouser and Wiz a trust fund kid who’s now a crusty wizard. Its part of a larger 45 minute play. 

Written by Frances Ferry-McKenzie, Directed by Tom Moriarty 

To be performed at the Tron 100 Festival on June 20th 2017


Where Exactly?

June 22, 2017

"Where Exactly" 

A teenage bi-sexual bass player can't quite find the words, the notes, the rhythm that will win her best friend's heart or at least let her feel her breasts.
A middle aged bride is sitting in the car, on the way to the ceremony, failing to breathe regularly, her bouquet wilting. 
A new mother is singing Nina Simone in the shower, her baby screaming. 
A radio presenter is getting threatening tweets from Big Ben Clock Tower. 
It's Sunday and all the birds in Northern Europe seem to have gathered in St Andrew's Square.

A rhythmic play written for the ensemble. 'Where Exactly' is a chance to explore a world not common, not ours exactly, but eerily close.


Tron 100 Festival Piece. Written by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir and directed by Tom Moriarty


To be performed at Tron 100 Festival on 23rd June 2017

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