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2022 1on1 Services

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Who are

Struggling what to do now that your College and University training is over?

We are proud to offer affordable and essential training for those serious about a career in the theatre, film & tv industry so you can take action on those dreams and goals today. 

The Box Rev team has a vast array of experience within the creative industries from performance to behind the scenes. Our award winning team has accolades in performance, writing, directing and film-making and remain active in the professional industry meaning you benefit from the current trends, knowledge and information to help you on your professional career.

We are a friendly, enthusiastic and driven bunch and welcome creatives with hunger into our creative family.

Find out more about us here or better yet, meet us!  

Paul Comrie

Tom and Sarah are two of the most passionate people working in this industry today. Together they've created an incredibly supportive and nurturing environment for creatives in Scotland. They truly care about people and treat every person they work with as an individual.

Matt Roberts

If you are looking to grow as a performer there is no better place than box! Sarah-Beth is insanely good with all aspects of voice, her accent training has saved me from the embarrassing moments when you lie and say you can do one on your cv...Tom’s methods are so unique, especially to Scotland, and have brought out a side of my performance I could only ever dream of. 10/10 would recommend, have one session with the team and you’ll never want to leave.

John-James Colvin

Compassionate, passionate & informative tutors with immense knowledge to boot. The workshops, script readings are relevant, forward thinking & thoroughly enjoyable. Its content is such that all the stuff/bollocks that clouds the performer's mind/judgement is not there!
Box Revolution is an environment of understanding, empathy, learning and a place where mistakes re encouraged but surpassing expectations the outcome.

What do we do exactly?
Help you achieve your goals and progress your career at your own pace

We offer specialist classes & workshops including our 1on1 services and 7 Block full training package.

Our Performance Training- Build Confidence in your craft through line-learning skills, script understanding, character breakdowns, high intensity emotional work and mastering your physical requirements. 

Our Business Training- Grow expertise in areas such as Mastering Headshots, Demo-reels, Connecting with Agents, Casting Directors, Resumes and more. 

Through our unique bespoke training services, you can choose and build your own expert training to suit your goals needs.


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